Thursday, October 3, 2013

Why Paleo?

I am definitely feeling the love today. Thank you to all my family, friends and people I've never met before. The support feels amazing. This exciting new endeavor means the world to me, so thank you, thank you, thank you!

Now, back to the task at hand. First off, I am not a nutritionist, just a mom who cares that our kids grow up eating healthy, high quality foods. These are my opinions and beliefs based on countless amounts of research that I've done. You are more than welcome to agree or disagree. All I ask is you keep an open mind. High powered, wealthy food companies aren't going to care about our kids well being, so we have to stick together. Information is power, and they can't fool us forever.

Let’s discuss what Paleo really is and what it means to me. The Paleo diet is an attempt to eat how caveman did. Anything they could find, hunt, or gather was all up for grabs. That list included meat, fish, eggs, leafy greens, vegetables, nuts, fruit and seeds. With everything else in the typical American diet being off limits. No grains, unrefined sugar, dairy, legumes, processed food or oils of any kind. Although there are new exceptions to the Paleo lifestyle now, these are the main principles to follow.  The best part about being Paleo, besides the amazing health benefits... no more calorie counting, no more fat gram counting... just EAT GOOD FOOD!

When I was contemplating the switch to Paleo I saw this infographic below. For me, it made the choice clear... take a look.
The Ultimate Guide to Eating Paleo

So that sums up why I believe Paleo isn't just a diet, its a lifestyle. Its quality over quantity. We only have one body, one shot to get it right... that's it! Taking care of it should be of the utmost importance!

Just remember, this is a journey about being healthy, not perfect. We all have off days, myself included. I'll give you an example... After an all day adventure to an amusement park with 2 kids, the last thing I wanted to do was cook, so pizza happened. Was I proud of that? No. But it was a onetime thing and I was over it the next day! I live as close to a Paleo lifestyle as possible and try not to sweat the small stuff. Change takes time and commitment to a goal. We are in this together. 

Have a super PaleoTastic day!

Check back tomorrow for our 1st recipe posting - Yay! 

Please comment in the section below with questions of any kind! I will compile a list of your questions and have a Q&A post as time progresses. You can also contact me at with questions as well!


  1. Another great post,Sarah! It is packed full of useful information for anyone who wants to get started. What a great beginning to what promises to be an exciting journey.

  2. Thanks Sarah for helping us understand what Paleo means...the infographic is great! Love how simple you make it sound by breaking it down for us. Was surprised to see lard on the chart! Another great post...think you are becoming a pro at blogging already!

    1. Yep! Lard is great when it comes from healthy pigs of course :) it is about 45% healthy fat... Compared to butter which is only 20%.